Salvimar "ONE" Freediving Computer

The Salvimar One Apnea computer was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding free divers and spears at an affordable price.


The Salvimar One Apnea computer was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding free divers and spears at an affordable price.

It has all of the classic functions of modern digital watches (time, date, stopwatch, countdown, alarm, second time zone) along with all the diving features one would expect from their computer (depth gauge, surface time, diving time).

Once on the surface, the Salvimar One will automatically start calculating your surface time, removing the need for an additional timer or any guesswork.


  • Time & Date
  • Stopwatch
  • Depth Gauge
  • Surface Time
  • Water Temperature
  • Storage of Diving Data
  • Alarm Setting: Max Diving Depth; Max Diving Time

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