Salvimar Nebula 3.5mm Wetsuit

An open cell wetsuit with that dries almost instantly and provides a smooth-skin suit feel, but with much greater strength for the demanding spear fishers.


This open cell wetsuit is made of a truly revolutionary material called TRD-Skin (Tear Resistant Dry- Skin).This material is made of four layers: an extremely soft first quality neoprene (Yamamoto 39) open-cell internally and lined externally.

The innovation comes from the lining soaked with an external layer of polyurethane, making the outside surface totally water resistant identical to competition smooth-skin wetsuits. The lining itself, in addition, is made of Ultrastretch texture, with incomparable elastic characteristics in all directions. On the polyurethane is then applied Salvimar Nebula camouflage.

This new innovation by Salvimar dries almost instantly and provides a smooth-skin suit feel, but with much greater strength!

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