Salvimar Goblin Mask

An anatomically designed low volume mask ideal for spearfishing and freediving


Ever wonder why all the good spear fishermen (and photographers) wear only dark rubber masks? Clear silicone rubber can create reflections on the inside of the lenses from surface light distracting the hunter's focus on their prey.  The Salvimar Goblin Mask is a dual lens mask with reduced internal volume. Reducing the volume brings the mask closer to the face which gives the diver a much wider field of vision to see more of the environment. 

The Savimar Goblin Mask is ideal for free diving and spear fishing features a nose pocket which is easy to reach with one hand for ear equalization. The soft touch matt anti-reflective silicone finished skirt with double feathered edge and split strap assembly combined to provide a superior seal on the face. The mask has dual tempered glass CE approved lenses for better vision. The micrometrical quick adjust push button buckles make strap adjustments quick and easy, even when wearing the mask. This anatomically designed green mask weighs only 5.92 oz (168g). 

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