Hammerhead Cranium Knife

A 4.33" long knife, right-sized for quickly penetrating the skull, while it's low profile keeps it out of the way until needed.


The smallest of Hammerhead's line of knives, including the Cranium, Ulna, Patella, and Ilium. These knives are named after the bone they are meant to be worn closest to. The Cranium, however, is not a strap mounted knife, but it is where you "stab the fish."

Hammerhead's proprietary processes create a very sharp, lightweight and durable knife. The blade is constructed from Stainless Steel, with a hardness of 55-56HRC. The knife is low-profile and designed to be worn close to the body, eliminating “line traps” and minimizing drag.

The “Cranium” is 3.8 mm (0.149”) thick and weighs just 112 g (3.95 oz). At 11 cm (4.33″) in length, it is right-sized for quickly penetrating the skull, while the low profile keeps the knife out of the way until needed.


  • 3.8mm thick
  • 112g weight (3.95oz)
  • 11cm long (4.33")

About Hammerhead

Based in Hawaii, HammerHead was founded by well known spearo Kevin Sakuda. Through the year, HammerHead developed the next generation of spearfishing equipment - such as the iconic Evo2 Speargun - utilizing cutting edge technologies and materials to dive deeper and spear larger fish. HammerHead Spearguns embodies the spearo-lifestyle with diving, teaching, filming, and sharing with the community. 

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