Cressi Nano Black Mask

A mask designed for freediving & spearfishing making use of an extremely low internal volume and hydrodynamic shape to reduce drag and improve comfort.


The Cressi Nano mask was specifically designed for freediving or spearfishing and makes use of an extremely low internal volume and hydrodynamic shape to reduce drag and improve efficiency.

The very comfortable silicone skirt makes this mask even better with the thinning and strengthening the nose bridge along with the improved field of vision thanks to the reverse tear drop lenses shape and closeness to the eyes.

Internal volume has also been improved by having the frame at a rake angle, bringing the bottom closer to the cheek bones. 

The flexible rubber buckles can also be easily adjusted for the best possible comfort.


  • Twin lens frame
  • Low internal volume
  • Reverse teardrop shape with raked angle
  • Micro adjustment strap buckle with flexible attachment

About Cressi

Cressi’s legacy of innovation began in 1939 with two brothers who shared a passion for the sea. They first created masks and spearguns for their friends and family to hunt more efficiently in the waters near their home. The success that came from those products was due to the same passion that the two Cressi brothers and their customer shared. A Passion for the sea. Cressi products are crafted by those who need it AND use it.

Today Cressi is a worldwide brand, delivering product in over 90 countries, yet it remains true to it's origin and commitment to creating the best possible products for freedivers and spearfishermen from it's facility in Genoa, Italy.

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