Bleutec Raptor Carbon Speargun

A balanced speargun that is easy to aim, accurate, stable and with great tracking in the water.


If you are looking for a balanced speargun that is easy to aim, accurate, stable and nimble in the water, look no further than the Bleutec Raptor.

It's barrel's unique shape makes for a very easy to handle speargun with great tracking in the water.

The Raptor comes rigged with a 7mm shaft and ready to be put to action on your favorite hunting ground.

The L.E trim is delivered with colored camouflage designs.


  • Carbon fiber monoblock body
  • Body contoured shape for perfect movement in horizontal and vertical axis.
  • Trigger Mechanism BleuTec (housing stainless steel 316 aisi, trigger & sear made of stainless steel 304 aisi).
  • Full railed body
  • Mechanical line release system with automatic retraction.
  • Equipped with anatomically shaped handle and right handed shooting type grip.

About Bleutec

Bleutec was founded in 2001 by two brothers - Vasilis and Manolis Zonomesi - whose creation of unique spearfishing and freediving equipment was based on their own experience and expertise. Nowadays Bleutec produces spearguns using a unique combination of carbon fiber and other composites along with hydrodynamic shapes, establishing themselves amongst the leaders in the market. Bleutec's philosophy for it's continuous evolution is to listen to the need of their users and use their knowledge to create the equipment that meets such demands.

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