Bleutec Oceanborn Carbon 125 Speargun

A carbon fiber speargun engineered with the sole purpose of for hunting in blue water or for large prey.


Hunting in blue water or hunting for large fish (wahoo, mahi, tuna...)? The the Bleutec Oceanborn is the speargun for you. Built a 100% out of carbon fiber and with a cuttle shape body and ballast for easier handling in the water It has been specifically designed to provide superior power and range while minimizing the recoil created by multiple bands.

The Bleutec Oceanborn comes equipped with Bleutec Maena reel (a $ 139.00 value) loaded with 50m of Dyneema 2mm line (a $ 50.00 value). The available L.E trim adds a Camu painted body.


  • Body with special contoured shape for perfect movement in horizontal and vertical axis in compination with increased stiffness.

  • Trigger Mechanism Bleu tec Lycan (housing stainless steel 316 aisi, trigger & sear made of stainless steel 304 aisi).

  • Full railed body.

  • Mechanical line release system with automatic retraction.

  • Reel Maena L & 50m Dyneema 2mm

  • Equipped with anatomically shaped handle and right handed shooting type grip.

  • Supplied with 3 bands 16mm Black Power, shaft Bleu tec 8 mm Diamond (faceted cross-section) with 3 shark fins from heat treated steel.

Warranty: There is a 5 year warranty on the barrel and lifetime on the trigger mech.

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