Alchemy V2Hs Black Carbon Fiber Fins

Crafted in Greece, The Alchemy V2Hs differences itself from other with features and a design not usually found in carbon fiber fins in that price range.


Crafted in Greece, comes possibly one the best carbon fiber blade in the sub $400 price-range.

The Alchemy V2Hs differences itself from other with features not found in fins that price range such as it's hydrodynamic dolphin tail shaped, found through studies to be the best possible shape ending to maximize thrust with the least power consumption. Alchemy V2Hs rails are made of silicone, which is a superior material to rubber. After many trials and research they have reached their final shape which retains/detains water on the blade even with the fin bent to it's limit, keeping the stroke of the freediver perfect without loss of stability.

As an added bonus, the white color of the rails make them a must for safety as even in bad conditions, those rails act as a trail for those keeping an eye out at the surface.


  • Blade ending Dolphin tail shape for best hydrodynamics
  • Silicone water rails, detaining the water in the channel with higer superiority than rubber
  • VRTM Construction in top-of-the-line facility with 12 hours of post curing
  • VRTM Manufacturing process
  • 11 Carbon fiber layers
  • 10 Carbon fiber reinforcement axis
  • >73% of Carbon fiber content
  • Blade length: 75cm
  • Blade width: 19.5cm
  • 23° angle
  • Retraction speed: 20.524 m/sec
  • Feedback time: 0.0815 sec

About Alchemy

Dimitris Pantazis manufactured his first pair of Carbon Fibre fins in 2006. What started as a fun project turned into a small company, founded in 2010 in Ano Liosia. Now Alchemy dominates the freediving and spearfishing world and is at the forefront of all innovative new dive technologies and materials.

Through constant investment in innovation, research and testing, Alchemy products are now synonym with quality, safety and high-end. Achemy's essence is instilled into every product made to meet the demand of each single freediver.

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