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Alchemy Silicone Belt w/ CAM Buckle

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The Alchemy Elastic weight belt offers the absolute superiority of silicone comparing to common rubber. Alchemy 100% Silicone weight belt offers more flexibility (just as good as latex rubber) than the simple rubber and total resistance to all harsh environmental conditions of salt water and sun exposure.

  • Material


  • Buckle

    Nylon CAM Buckle

  • Dimensions

    1.5m long

    49mm wide

    3mm thick

  • Max Elongation (break point)


  • Working temp. range

    -70°C to +200°C

Alchemy weight belts are warrantied against manufacturer defects. If your belt doesn't look right when you receive it, reach out to us.

One (1) Alchemy Silicone Belt w/ CAM Buckle

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