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Learn the foundations of Freediving

F.I.I Level 1 Freediver, 2 days course

Acquire solid technique and knowledge foundations with the F.I.I Level 1 Freediver. With no previous experience required, dive into the amazing sport of Freediving.

The Level 1 freediver is a freediving course with no knowledge or physical pre-requesites. Those with AND without freediving experience alike will come out better freedivers!

To guarantee the highest possible level of satisfaction from our students, we maintain a 4-1 sudent to instructor ratio. Your class will feel like a private class!

The level 1 course is rated 4, students should be comfortable in the water. The first day will be moderate however the ocean session will be more intense due to the time spent in the water.

The F.I.I Level 1 Freediver is priced from {{ fromPrice | currency }} (including all open water fees) with many dates having the option to reserve with a deposit.

Please note that due to the demand for our courses and the small groups, we can not reserve any spots without at minimum the deposit being paid.

F.I.I Level 1 Freediver Start Dates

Where we'll be and what we'll do...

Day 1


8AM - 12PM


12PM - 1PM


1PM - 5PM

Day 2

Open Water

8AM - 12PM

Final Exam

12PM - 2PM

Select your start date, we currently have available courses.


Prices are listed in U.S dollars, per person & all inclusive of course materials, boat fees, pool access, certification cards and other course required aids.


I Dove deeper than i ever had before, and thoroughly enjoyed my time

What Equipment do I need?

What you'll need

  • Wetsuit: A 3mm full length wetsuit is fine year round for Florida. We recommend an Open Cell wetsuit
  • Mask: A low volume mask is recommended
  • Snorkel: Any snorkel will work, though a simple "J" type snorkel is preferred
  • Fins: Long blades fins are preferred, however snorkeling/scuba fins are ok
  • Weight Belt: A rubber or silicone weight belt is mandatory. We do not accept nylon weight belts
  • Weights: Multiple weights of small increments are best to fine tune your buoyancy for safety and performance purposes

What we'll provide

  • Training Rig: We will provide and set up the training rig for the ocean
  • Class Book: Your book for the course will be given at the beginning of the class

Nice to have

  • Sunscreen
  • Towels to dry off
  • Sea sickness medecine (if prone to it), Bonine works great
  • A thermos or other refillable container, hydration is KEY to keeping everything working smooth
  • Snacks, Freediving is a calorie intensive sport, keeping snacks handy goes a long way
  • Pen and paper, take notes, lots of them! There's a lot of knowledge dispensed during our time together


Feel free to give us a call at (954) 960-2020 should you have any questions regarding the gear list. Our staff will be happy to help you with any questions.

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Drift Freediving is a member of the F.I.I (Freediving Instructors International) facility network. All certification courses are run and taught by certified and insured F.I.I professionals.