Beuchat Marlin Revo Concept Carbon Speargun

Roller gun with significantly faster spear speeds and higher distance reached compared to other guns of similar length.


An exclusive Beuchat innovation implementing muzzle pulleys and power band rigging with under barrel recovery (a patented Beuchat design).  

Ultra powerful, well built and balanced Roller Speargun, the Beuchat Marlin Revo Concept has many tricks up it's sleeves. It is not the cheapest roller out there, however, with all it's feature and extraordinary power, it definitely has a home in any serious spearo's arsenal.


  • High range Marlin pistol grip with reel bracket and reversible right/left stainless steel line release
  • REVO CONCEPT muzzle pulleys on ball bearings with fast QRS spear locking system and titanium fairings
  • High resistance SUPER STEEL 7mm diameter shaft with slide ring and Off Shore barb
  • 17mm diameter fast-loading MEGATONE power bands and Spectra® line
  • 1.6mm black mono-filament
  • Red silicon Offshore shock-absorber
  • Spear speed at muzzle: 42m/s
  • Available lengths (cm): 85 / 95 / 105 / 115
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    2.0 lb

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