Salvimar Elastic Weight Belt

A must have for any freedivers, this high-stretch rubber weight belt will keep your belt in it's initial position and guarantee a comfortable dive.


If you have found yourself with your belt ascending under your armpits during a freedive, then you must do yourself the favor of investing in a rubber or silicone weight belt such as this Salvimar Elastic Weigh Belt.

Rubber as a material will compress with you as you descend (Boyle's Law) and decompress on ascend, guaranteeing that your belt will remain around your waist for a comfortable dive. Furthermore, the latch style quick release buckle makes sure that the belt will be easily removed should the need arise.

Priced affordably, this rubber weight belt is a must in any freediver's arsenal.


  • Rust Free Nylon Buckle
  • Rubber compresses on descent and decompress on ascent
  • High Stretch Rubber
  • Quick Release Buckle for Safety
  • Latch Buckle
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    2.0 lb

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