C4 Blue Flap HT Fins (Blades Only)

A worthy successor to the legendary C4 Falcon that has a trail of world records has part of it's history.


Product Description:

(Blades Only)

The Blue Flap HT is a tradtional blade for bi-fins with convex tips. They use a similar production design as the popular Red Falcon. The fin blade angle was increased to 29 degrees, overall length is 870mm, and width is 205mm with a constant section water rail.

Changes to the lamination process include an ultra strong, light weight and responsive Double Parabolic Curve (DPC). DPC is now the standard on all C4 carbon fins; it provides the most effective fin curvature during a diver's kick cycle for the most efficient propulsion possible. Thanks to the trademark DPC curvature, the 29 degree angle, and the increased length, the performance of the Blue Flap is much higher than the previous C4 Flap VGR.

These changes propel the diver through the water with a more hydrodynamic shape by reducing the profile, which leads to a considerable reduction in resistance. Thus, speed and efficiency is noticeably increased.

The Blue Flap Hyper-Tec (HT) is a high-tensile carbon fiber exclusive to C4in the fin industry. TR-50 "Big Square" pre-preg carbon fiber construction. Mucher lower crisscrossing of the strands for high elastic return. 

Dimensions: 35" long x 8" wide (870 x 205mm)

Foot Pockets: Stingray

Full 2 Year Warranty

3 Stiffness Options:

25/Soft - This stiffness is suited for divers who weigh 130-175lbs, diving between 20-80' with a mix of surface swimming and deeper diving/spearfishing.

30/Medium - This all around medium stiffness is intended for divers who weigh 175-210lbs, engage in surface as well as a mix of shallow and deep diving to 30 meters (100').

40/Hard - This stiffer blade is generally intended for bigger divers weighing over 200lbs or with a strong preference for deep spearfishing to a depth of 40 meters (130'). The stiffnesss of the blade renders this blade stiffness choice well suited to overcoming added negativity at depth and rapid acceleration requiring more power and energy from the divers' legs. The 40 stiffness are not recommended for beginers and lighter divers as they can contribute to ankle strain and reduced bottom times.(Blades Only)

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