Florida Spearfishing Hat

Enter the Florida Spearfishing Tournament with this stylish Florida Spearfishing Hat!


Purchase of this hat will allow you to register for the Florida Spearfishing Tournament!

YOU ARE NOT ENTERED INTO THE TOURNAMENT UNTIL YOU PURCHASE THE HAT AND REGISTER HERE: https://flspearfishing.com/products/florida-spearfishing-registration

The Florida Spearfishing Tournament is an event that allows people from all over the state of Florida to compete! Spearfish all the time like you normally do, except now when you get that huge fish, enter it to win prizes or to become the TOP DOG! There are many categories, but you can only be the leader in one. Choose wisely!

 Please note--- WE ARE SO SORRY! It has come to our attention that there is a misprint on the tags on the hats. The registration fee was printed as $20, but is actually $30. The registration fee helps operate the tournament, administrative for tournament entries, and will provide money for the awesome end of the year party and awards. A portion of the entry fee will also help our friends on the USA National Spearfishing Team. This is the equivalent of our Olympic team, and we're happy to support them! We're sorry about the misprint, and thank you for the support! -- Florida Spearfishing Team


Once you have purchased your Florida Spearfishing hat by Speared, you can purchase this registration. This is REGISTRATION ONLY and does not include the hat.




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