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The importance of a wetsuit

Hypothermia, the enemy of all freedivers

During Pompano Beach hot summers, Freedivers often disregard the use of wetsuits due to the rising water temperatures, however, as we dwelve further in the topic, we realize wetsuits are not just something you use when the water is cold and to protect yourself from hypothermia, it is also a critical safety tool that should be part of any serious and safe Freediver.

Physical protection

The ocean - above and below - is full of rocks, pieces of shells, animals with strong stings (hello Man-O-War). The thickness of a wetsuit will ensure proper protection for your skin and although they are not indestructible, it will provide a most welcome layer of protection against those environment hazards.

Protection against Hypothermia

Wetsuits protect against hypothermia by trapping a thin layer of water next to your body. Your body now acts as a heat core warming this layer. Additionally your suit will provide a natural 100% sunblock - which is great during our hot Floridian summers when the sun is beaming down on us.


Buoyancy is the critical need for us to have a proper wetsuit. Unlike the Florida Manatee who can Neoprene foam is gas filled.

At the sea surface, a wetsuit will provide a certain amount of buoyancy. It's not a life jacket or a life preserver, but it will allow a competent swimmer to expend little or no effort in staying afloat.

Our children enjoy wearing their shorties even in swimming pools, because that little bit of buoyancy, evenly distributed, allows them to swim more comfortably.

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