Should I take a Freediving Course?

Freediving is a sport with low initial barrier of entry, after all, at the minimum the gear needed is just a mask, fins a snorkel and you are good to go. Many just chose to go that route and use the Friends and Family learning method. However while freediving practiced safely is actually a very safe sport, venturing underwater without proper knowledge, technique and safety carries very serious risks, including death.

While our intent is not to scare anyone away from this wonderful sport, we want to emphasize the need for to any individual interested in getting into this amazing sport to connect and learn from a certified instructor accredited with a reputable freediving agency (more on this below).

While the equipment required to get started seems benign, the knowledge and technique requirements are quite high and the risks can range from extreme pain and damage to the ears, lung or throat to fatalities.

What will I learn?

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Where can I learn?

While there are many agencies worldwide offering freediving courses, the below are the ones we would recommend to anyone reaching out to us and inquiring about training for freediving.

Get started with freediving!